Animation from Movie

Animation from Movie 2.0

Creates animation based on your video clips or film


  • Customizable detail level of the animation


  • Poor interface and excessive slowness
  • Stability problems

Not bad

The idea behind Animation from Movie is to let you create animations from live-action films or video. The idea behind the conversion process is that drawings are mainly lines, spaces and colors, without a direct link with the real objects.

The software analyzes these lines and spaces and reproduce them in a drawing-form. That’s also how artists are supposed to draw.

Unfortunately, a very poor interface and a lack in usability render using the program difficult to the point of frustration.

For example: it’s practically impossible to know when the conversion process is finished as there is no progress-bar to let the user know. The software also has various stability issues which need to be fixed and certainly will not inspire confidence in anyone looking to convert a longer movie file.

Animation from Movie could be useful, especially for certain professional categories such as advertisers or digital artists, but simply using the program is not as easy and pleasant as it should be.

Animation from Movie converts movies into animation. Just load a movie, click the button, and view the result animation. Making animation never been so easy!

The program supports avi, wmv, asf and mpeg formats for input movies and avi and swf formats for the output animated cartoons. The result swf files can be easily inserted into web pages.

Animation from Movie


Animation from Movie 2.0

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